Welcome to the Adminstration Division where all administration matters at Ultimate Multimedia Consult are handled to ensure that all work is done as per the Clients needs and specifications and as per our visionary Work Plan.

This division is also the primary handler of internal and external communication on behalf of Ultimate Multimedia Consult as well as doing public Relations and promotion for the organization. It handles all queries and complaints concerning Ultimate Multimedia Consult as well as coordinate Multimedia Training services. Come and be served professionally.

Ultimate Multimedia Consult is a profit making organization. The Organization pays staff  a specified monthly remuneration and allowances from the proceeds to ensure there is proper administration, marketing and promotion of the company. Other income (in case of any)is used to procure equipment, software, skills development and capacity building as well as getting assets to further the attainment of our objectives and philosophy.

The marketing function is performed in conjunction with the marketing team which markets our services and products as well as give a helping hand in quality assurance and service delivery since they are normally in more frequent touch with clients. The team also works with Administration to promote the organization.