Ultimate Multimedia Consult (U) Ltd (UMC) is a multimedia journalism and communications Organisation offering value added multimedia news, information and knowledge products, services and training. Our focus is on web and mobile platforms/ offerings to better communicate.  UMC was registered as a company limited by share and with share capital under the Company Act 2012.

UMC offers Multimedia services and facilitates access to news, information and knowledge in better ways. Ultimate Multimedia Consult is a different company from Ultimate Media Consult, our sister company. The latter is the non-profit arm of our group focused to skills development and providing a platform for practice, while the former is the for profit entity developing several tools and platforms for better news, information and knowledge delivery and access.

Physical Location/address:    Plot 189, Ggaba Road, Kampala

Postal Address:                      P. O Box 7054, Kampala, Uganda

Telephone No:                       0414593555/0772627676/0751627676



Name of Contact person: Gerald Businge (Managing Director) Tel. 0772627676/0751627676

Certificate of Incorporation no.: 189829

Ultimate Multimedia Consult Group projects: ,

About Ultimate Multimedia Consult (U) Ltd

Ultimate Multimedia  Consult (UMC) is a fully registered multimedia journalism, communications, training and research company in Uganda offering value added news, communication services, media relations, research, publicity and promotions, video recording and documentation, website design and hosting services as well as web and mobile apps development and optimization services.

Through our trained and well-motivated staff as well as associate researchers and multimedia Journalists across the country, we offer reliable multimedia editorial, information and knowledge products, services, training and research, including digital platform designs for web and mobile that facilitate better communication and community engagement.

UMC is designed and intends to provide efficient, effective and quality media communication and research services that meet the client’s needs and expectations in engaging with and influencing people, and indeed those of the general public in generating and documenting dependable information and enabling better communication.

Through our work, we also provide journalism, communication and other media practitioners a more gainful and coordinated practice in all media related fields.

Ultimate Multimedia Consult (U) Ltd is well equipped with computers, tabs, photo and video cameras as well as the necessary software and staff to train, plan and collect data, undertake field documentation and data management, data entry and report writing, live coverage or documentation for any project.

Our Vision is:

Being a leading active digital communication company serving news, information and knowledge needs of Ugandans, East Africans, Africans and those interested in Africa.

Our Mission is:

To offer effective, quality, efficient and responsible digital communication, research and training services to the public; and offer value added news, information and knowledge products, services and training.

Summary of company objectives

  1. To provide multimedia journalism & communication offerings including multimedia news, information & knowledge services & products.
  2. To provide Training and capacity building services to individuals and organisations seeking to improve their skills and performance.
  3. To mobilise and provide training and career enhancing opportunities to media practitioners and communication students to practice gainfully in their respective fields of expertise and interest.
  4. To offer web hosting, web design and website optimisations services as well as multimedia content packaging and design
  5. To develop and carry out research services, encourage and contribute to building and improving research services including opinion polls, media monitoring, trend tracking, academic research and surveys.
  6. To document development initiatives, projects, inventions and actors for organisations, government or for marketing to media houses.
  7. To publish magazines, newspapers, documentaries, movies, books, newsletters, online and other works acceptable to the organisation.
  8. To develop digital media applications, platforms and tools that aid better sharing of news, information and knowledge.
  9. To participate in national people benefiting programs like immunisation, poverty eradication, modernisation of agriculture and in general civic education in order to contribute to national development.
  10. To educate and inform the public through communication to achieve individual and national development through striving to promote national objectives like public awareness campaigns, commendable initiatives, events and activities as well as individual self-development.
  11. To offer media/communication training services to organisations, groups and individuals and enter into partnerships for such


Innovation, Service, Honesty & Integrity, Value for Money, Quality, Fun, Respect, Timeliness, Excellence

Summary of Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd services

UMC offers several media/ communication services including:

News and Information

We provide news and information to keep audience, partners and stakeholders in the know. Information is vital for a better democratic, socially and economically healthy community.

Multimedia Training

Our Ultimate Multimedia Training Center (UMTC) offers top notch Multimedia journalism and communications training from competent, skilled and experienced journalists, public relations practitioners and advertising specialists who have been lucky enough to master the new media and communications skills, tools and technologies to ensure your succeed.

Social Media Monitoring & Engagement

We offer Social Media analysis and metric measurement of how social media accounts are operating to provide a detailed insight on the best possible strategy to create more engagement and improve networking on these accounts.


We offer Live coverage and broadcast of events inclusive of live reporting on multiple platforms like never seen before in the region.


Story telling is the oldest art form hence among the oldest form of communication. With our documentaries, photography and reportage servises you can tell your story better.

Event  Coverage

Video production, photography and text documentation

Web Design

As everybody rushes to get onto the web or be left behind, we design websites that are suitable to our clients’ needs.

Advertising  Design

We create and organize visual artwork to produce advertisements for different products and services serving a number of clients.

Communication  Consultancy

We know that you can change your world by changing your words and that is why we are here: to help you say them right and in the consistency and following the strategy that will deliver.

Digital Platform Design and Optimisation

We improve visibility and content effectiveness through different multimedia platforms that perform various business functions

Web and Mobile apps development

As mobile phones become the leading media of news, information and knowledge dissemination and access, we help individuals and organisations design and optimize web and mobile apps that best communicate their messages and offerings.

Associated Companies: 

Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd

Yaaka Digital learning Network

Name and address of bankers 

Bank: Centenary

Branch: Kabalagala

Account Name: Ultimate Multimedia Consult (U) Ltd

Account Number: 3310300092

Offered at the UMC training center:

·         Data Visualization  and Interactivity

·         Digital Imaging/Digital Photography techniques

·         New Media Journalism

·         Advanced Web Publishing Certificate

·         Multimedia and Digital Communications

·         Web Design and Publishing

·         Social Media Essentials

·         Digital Imaging and Animation

·         Video and Audio production

Core team

Name Qualification Years of Experience
Annette Kezaabu  PhD, University of Kwazulu Natal  13
Denis Jjuuko M.A Journalism and Media Studies 14
Gerald Businge Masters in Multimedia Journalism 13
Lucy Abulo M.A Marketing Communications, Mak 15
Wamuttu Samuel B. Mass Communication, Mak 12
Diana Namanda B. Industrial and Fine Art, Mak 10
Isingoma John B. A Social Sciences 10
Moses Karatunga Bachelors of Mass Communication  8
Emma Laura Kisa

Team Coordinator

P.G.D Investigative Journalism 7
Grace Kibuuka B. A Psychology  11
Antonio Kisembo M.A Journalism and Communication  9
Jane Bukenya B. Journalism and Communication  4
Amos Desmond Wambi  Diploma Mass Communication & Journalism, UMCAT  3
Paul Kisembo  Diploma Mass Communication, UIBMS  4
Hindu Nabulumba Bachelor Mass Communication & Journalism, Mak 3
Jjoloba JohnFisher Bachelor Science in Communication, Nkumba 5
Tumwine Edward Bachelor Mass Communication & Journalism, UCU 3
Christopher Zziwa Diploma Mass Communication & Journalism, KU 3
Zubeedah Kansiime Bachelor  Business Studies, IUIU 3
Philemon Badagawa Bachelor Mass Communication, Nkumba 4
Deogratius B Tibenda Bachelor Science in Economics, Mak 11


Joint Clinical Research Center

Contact Person:                       Namatovu Christine

Women of Uganda Network/ WOUGNET

Contact Person:                       Dr. Dorothy Okello

Makerere University Gender Mainstreaming Division

Contact Person:                       Hilda Mukisa, Deputy Registrar, 0752566663

Feed the Children Uganda

Contact Person:                       Nicholas kasangaki, Executive Director, 0758520555

Kitojo Integrated Development Association

Contact Person:                       Rev. Ezra Musobozi, Executive Director, 0772469333

United Nations Human Rights Organisation

Contact Person:                       Bernard Amwine

Pace Uganda

Contact Person:                       Monica Rukundo

Uganda Media Development Association

Contact Person:                       James Kigozi

Other Clients

  1. International Alert Uganda
  2. Sida/ Embassy of Sweden
  3. Africa Center for Media Excellence
  4. White Ribbon Alliance
  5. International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS
  6. Makerere University
  7. Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development
  8. Ministry of Education and Sports
  9. Wakiso district Administration
  10. Forum for Women in Democracy