Ultimate Multimedia Research Division’s goal is to carry out quality qualitative and quantitative research studies that boost our services or for the client’s needs. We also undertake situation analysis, surveys (online and offline  programme reviews, monitoring and evaluation and reviews that help improve projects and programmes. Our research reports are delivered in both text, audio, video or audio slideshows as contracted.

We have experienced professional Researchers, and practitioners who work closely to provide efficient and effective research services

• Quality: Our surveys are of quality as we have our professional research team that collects the data effectively and analyse it using appropriate methodologies.
• Timeliness: We deliver our services in time agreed upon by you and us.
• Assurance: We sign contracts with our clients before we start doing the work.
• Cost: In addition to good quality, the cost of our services depends on the scope (geographical area and time), number of researchers involved and other factors depending on the situation.
Multidimensional nature: The multidimensional nature of Ultimate Multimedia Consult helps our researchers to package your research with better insight and understanding.

The findings can be published on one of the many sites we  run and/ or availed to you in either hard or soft copy.