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Ultimate Multimedia Consult is a multimedia organisation offering news, information and knowledge for best multimedia practices.

Ultimate Multimedia Consult (U) Ltd is a non-profit multimedia company formed in 2003 by journalism and mass communication graduates to provide a platform for practice for journalists to excel, and for skills development through direct news, communication and training services. Ultimate Multimedia Consult is the for profit arm of our group offering online and mobile based value added news, information and knowledge products and services.

After more than seven years operating a news agency, a communications agency, as well as research, productions and training services in which our different divisions have produced different journalism, editorial and other communications products for different media and clientele under Ultimate Media Consult (U) Ltd, we in 2010 decided to up our services, with a special emphasis on developing platforms and apps as well as training people and organizations on how to do better journalism and communications for themselves.


  • To provide multimedia journalism & communication offerings including multimedia news, information & knowledge services & products.

  • To provide Training and capacity building services to individuals and organisations seeking to improve their skills and performance.

  • To mobilise and provide training and career enhancing opportunities to media practitioners and communication students to practice gainfully in their respective fields of expertise and interest.

  • To offer web hosting, web design and website optimisations services as well as multimedia content packaging and design

  • To develop and carry out research services, encourage and contribute to building and improving research services including opinion polls, media monitoring, trend tracking, academic research and surveys.

  • To document development initiatives, projects, inventions and actors for organisations, government or for marketing to media houses.

  • To publish magazines, newspapers, documentaries, movies, books, newsletters, online and other works acceptable to the organisation.

  • To develop digital media applications, platforms and tools that aid better sharing of news, information and knowledge.

  • To participate in national people benefiting programs like immunisation, poverty eradication, modernisation of agriculture and in general civic education in order to contribute to national development.

  • To educate and inform the public through communication to achieve individual and national development through striving to promote national objectives like public awareness campaigns, commendable initiatives, events and activities as well as individual self development.

  • To offer media/communication training services to organisations, groups and individuals and enter into partnerships for such