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Kakuru Benard is a distinguished specialist in Digital Learning and teaching. A consultant trainer and researcher in ICTs, computer science and geography, Kakuru has also published books with the Uganda National Curriculum Development Centre, undertaken Interactive and Adaptive Digital Content Creation with Yaaka Digital Network (www.yaaka.cc), digital content creation and optimization for online learning, and digital classrooms in order to help learners and teachers improve at all levels. Since 2015 Kakuru Benard has taught ICT, trained teachers, tutors and lecturers in ICT Integration, multimedia and digital communications and digital pedagogy, helping them to learn and teach better in organizations and schools including Equatorial College School, St Joseph of Nazareth High School, Yaaka Digital Network, as well as Multimedia and 21st Century Skills trainings with Makerere University Department of Journalism and Communication, Brac Uganda, Uganda Christian University, Ultimate Multimedia Consult, Uganda Martyrs University, UNICEF, US Mission and FAWE Uganda. Kakuru Benard is a graduate from Uganda Martyrs University.

Blur Game Free Download Pc


Blur Free Download Pc Game Dissecting Blur: An In-Depth Look at the Enthralling Racing Adventure Blur is a racing game that distinguishes out for its distinct combination of intense action [...]

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Ugandans need more information and discussion on service offers by telecom companies


A new research has called for more public scrutiny of the work, services and products of telecom companies in Uganda in order to ensure Ugandans are getting value for their [...]

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